About Us

Consistency is
what transform
average into excellence

Laceys Gym was created to empower and inspire through a unique boxing workout. The experience bridges the gap between boxing and fitness, with transformative benefits that offer something for every body.

Justin Lacey is the head boxing coach and owner of Perth premium boxing gym, Lacey’s. With over 95 fights under his belt, Justin brings 25 years of experience, knowledge and expertise to the gym. His passion for performance driven training led him to create the Lacey’s signature classes that combine boxing, strength and conditioning in a high intensity 47 minute workout designed to push you to your limits, get results and enjoy every second.

Laceys was established back in 2009 as LivFit Boxing Academy in Clarkson. Livfit grew quickly as word spread about the motivating, family friendly atmosphere. With egos left outside, people of all abilities and fitness levels have walked through the doors and felt at home. Through exclusive access to athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition, and their incorporation as program advisors and coaches, Laceys gym makes elite training available to everyone!