Lacey’s isn’t just a gym. Our aim is to help people achieve their fitness goals in a motivating, engaging environment focused on community and team spirit. We hire only the most passionate, driven and enthusiastic trainers and staff in the gyms and we expect nothing less from our franchisees. If you stand out from the crowd and want to be a part of the Lacey’s movement, get in touch now!


Lacey’s leads the way in the fitness industry by focusing on effective, results driven training that leaves its members craving more! By not succumbing to training fads and trends, Lacey’s offers old school proven training methods that give athletic results. You can rest assure your franchise will stand out from the crowd. With a small initial investment, hard work and the right attitude, owing a Lacey’s franchise will have you running a rewarding, fulfilling and profitable business.

The Pros of Lacey's

  • Established market position since 2009
  • Easy, low-cost set up compared to other gyms
  • Great additional revenue through secondary spend
  • The break-even point is quickly achieved
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Operating in the rapidly growing fitness and health market
  • Training methods proven to stand the test of time
  • Highly recognised as WA most reputable Boxing and fitness facility

Our Services

  • Ongoing suport from the Lacey’s team in all aspects of your business
  • Training on setting up a Lacey’s and day to day running
  • Centralised targeted advertising optimising results
  • Continuous optimisation of organisational processes
  • Ongoing courses and training