Anyone serious about getting fit would benefit from meeting with a personal trainer. Sessions can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or even monthly to suit your budget.  You can also get together with a mate and split the cost if it suits you better. Working out with a personal trainer will help you to target any key areas you would like to develop. Love handles, muffin tops and chicken wings will be a thing of the past after a few sessions.

How it works

Your personal trainer will provide you with a plan of exercise to follow, diet advice and when and how long you should be exercising to burn fat. We use a range of equipment including free weights, boxing pads, medicine balls etc and incorporate weightlifting, cross training, general floor exercises such as push ups, burpies, planks and sit ups. Watch your body transform within a few weeks with the help and support of a Lacey’s Personal Trainer throughout Currambine, Osborne Park, Joondalup and Perth. Give us a call at the Gym to book in or ask us when you’re next in 08 9304 0088. Take a look at our Top 5 boxing exercises and why they’re great for your body.   Push Ups: Pushups exercise the pectoral muscles,triceps and anterior deltoids in the upper body and also benefit the core.   Sit Ups: Sit-ups are used for core conditioning and working the abdominals. Having a good sit-up regime will help strengthen your all-round performance.   Skipping: Jump rope or skipping is very popular in boxing training. It is great for cardiovascular fitness, core strength and agility.   Punch Bag: Punch Bag! Training at speed with the heavy bag with increases your aerobic endurance.   Weight Training: Training with weights increases strength and muscle size. Boxers focus on compound movements such as deadlifts and squats, which work the entire body.